The Advantages Of Online Health Coaching  
Alive's online Health Coaching desires to assist clients in changing their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral perspective from surviving to thriving. Old habits and familiar distortions can be changed. Our coaching has a number of very clear distinctions. While not designed to replace other forms of caregiving and health care, we believe it offers some important advantages. Online Health Coaching is:

Accessible - Alive's Health Coaching Program is accessible to all. It can be conveniently done from the comfort of the client's home. Individuals in urban, rural, and even extremely remote areas will be able to benefit from our program. And for those who struggle with the stigma of going to a therapist's office or asking a lot of questions at the local health-food store, online coaching provides a non- threatening opportunity to begin self-care.

Accountable - Alive's Health Coaching Program is accountable to the client. Potential clients are thoroughly assessed and referred to one of our certified coaches. All coaching is non-judgmental, strictly confidential, and respectful of the client's need to explore personal issues and advance at his/her own pace.

Affordable - Consulting with a professional nutritionist or therapist can be a costly venture. In addition to the time factor and the expense of travel, getting the help you desire can be expensive. The enrollment fee for Health Coaching has purposely been kept to a modest figure. Weighed with the many benefits of our program it is a wise investment of time, energy, and funds.

Achievable - Alive's Health Coaching Program links specific goals to specific needs. Our coaching approach is practical, functional, and feasible. Our clients can expect to see positive results as they advance through their personalized program. With the directive guidance of an affirming and well- trained coach, it is possible to develop a vibrant, healthier lifestyle.


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