Success Stories
"I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy and had been very weak and had lost 80 pounds. I was barely able to walk and my legs were very sore with poor circulation. I couldn't lie on my left side because of the pain and pins and needles. The doctor said it was from the diabetes and nerve damage. Before I left the Resort, I was able to sleep on both sides with no problem. I could walk much further and was much stronger. I couldn't believe it myself, and my husband and friends were shocked at the change in me. I came to the Resort a wreck, but Phil brought the feeling of aliveness back into my body. When I went home, I felt alive again."

Daphne Steele
Calgary, Alberta

"If you're willing to make a lifestyle change, then this is an easy program! I felt that the Resort came up with the best formula for nutrition and lifestyle change. It really taught me a lot. I lost weight and felt much better. I thoroughly appreciate the people at the Resort and their dedication. The food program is the best I’ve ever experienced. Phil Brewer's lectures were very enjoyable. The program is simple yet powerful. And you don't need to spend a lot of money to feel better. The difference in how I felt is tremendous!"

Lance Mayers
Osoyoos, British Columbia

"I was at the Resort with my wife a few years ago. Our investment in ourselves was three weeks there. The most important things to us were the nutrition education (the food was delicious and they elegantly served meals) and the exercise education (which helped us get in better shape and establish a new habit in our lifestyle). The information learned during evening sessions (lectures about health matters) were very helpful!! After our stay at the Resort, I can say that we've pretty firmly established healthy eating habits! "

Neils Christiansen
Drayton Valley, Alberta

"I was very impressed with the cleanliness. It really is a 5-star hotel. I’m enjoying better eating habits; I got back on track – because I want to get back to better health. I am using the breathing techniques. It’s a wonderful concept, and you definitely get your money’s worth. I’ve sent Resort brochures to friends and family."

Lillian Norman
Kelowna, British Columbia


It might have been a tiny ad,
Or perhaps a hurt so bad-
How about a honeymoon?
Or a sense of impending doom?

Some of us came and brought a friend
Others alone, but for a different end.
Sex, age and weight it mattered naught
For each inside, a dream we brought.

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"Alive Health Resort changed my mind. Between the moment I stepped in the door and the time I returned to my real life and all its responsibilities, I switched my perspective from that of victim to master of my own wellness."

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"I had been deliberating what to give my son for his birthday for a long time. But it came to me in a visit to the Alive Health Resort. So many people I know would greatly benefit from two weeks of "Alive" living.
I was invited to Alive’s open house, and left excited and impressed about the programs that it offers. The programs are a good balance between pampering and lifestyle coaching. I listened with interest and appreciation to three half-hour presentations, after a scrumptious and nutritious lunch buffet. The facilitators and coaches are genuinely refreshing personalities, and combined their message with humor, love, knowledge and common sense. I believe that Alive offers a special opportunity to heal and grow and celebrate us.

Afke Zonderland

“I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely time I had . Such a lovely setting and great start to the day, and the weekend. Please tell Vic that his presentation has had an impact. Maybe its a case of the right words at the right time. Ever since Friday morning I have been examining my life and my place in the world. I feel ready for some changes, some growth and responsibility. As I said, very inspiring. Thank you Vic. Thank you again "

Jude Harms
Harbour Centre Travel, Vancouver

“I sincerely wish to thank you for a wonderful weekend at your resort. It was a real eye opener, the realization of your value-related goals while leading a well-balanced and happy life.Whether one is seeking personal happiness,peace,health,wealth,social growth or business success,one can use your ideas to be an achiever of life -Thank you. I'm sure you'll touch thousands of life.
Once again,thank you for making me more aware of my life and working towards my values and goals.You have definitely made a change in my life! Stay healthy and promote more of ALIVE!!!!!! I wish you every success ..."

Gina, Travel Agent

“I’ve been rubbed and pressed and prodded and poked
I’ve been twisted and turned and trued like a spoke
I’ve been oiled and doctored and laughed and cried
I’ve walked and talked till I almost died
Hot rocks on my back melting tension away
Steamed away stress almost every day
And sanded and fined and painted and prepped
Hot mud on my body and wrapped like a gift
I’ve been lectured and schooled by some excellent profs
About eight doctors that will bring us aloft
Another one tests us; our colours be true
They tell me I am Orange, Green, Gold and Blue
Health Quotient and Values, emotions galore
Spirit and soul and body and more
Leave no stone unturned we’ve got have heart
With boundaries and balance in every part
Between all this learning we’re fed healthy food
Drinking clean water and in a good mood
Its time to go with knowledge in hand
I feel like a child in an untamed land
Challenge is great but resolution is strong
Leaving nothing to “Chance”(our dog) “we can’t go wrong”
While roaming the world I search for health
With peace and joy will by my wealth."

- Jane Kay Martin
"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it! I am a doctor of biomedical sciences, with a Master's in Public Health. I have been to the Resort at least four times. I’ve traveled a lot, been on cruises, etc., and have not experienced anything as relaxing as this Resort. I have seen, firsthand, people with major heart problems achieve amazing improvements at this Resort."

Dr. Harold Clarke
Calgary, Alberta

"We’ve been there several times! And we think it’s wonderful! My husband really enjoyed the healthy food. The walks, the cooking and the fellowship were wonderful. We felt much better when we left. We were already into a healthy lifestyle before, but this was a life-changing experience! We think about our time at the Resort every day."

Bud and Helen Eshpeter

"It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I talk all the time about the Resort. I had some health concerns; I was overweight and have arthritis. But I felt much better when I got back home after my stay. I lost weight! Phil gave me valuable tips on how to deal with arthritis. The food was fantastic. I loved the experience!"

Donna Reid
Vernon, British Columbia

"I really liked the welcome I received; the hospitality and nurturing were unparalleled. The hospitality was genuine and all-encompassing. I learned how to be more honest about my pain and how to apply new principles to my lifestyle. I ‘re-learned’ and remembered good habits. It was just what I needed – I expected it to be a certain way, but it totally surpassed those expectations. The food was exceptional. I bought the cookbook and use it regularly. It was a wonderful and happy experience. I can’t wait to go back. I invested in me and my health, and I made new friends. Make the commitment to yourself and your health!"

Robin Suffill-Oden
Forest Grove. British Columbia

"We spent five days at your health spa and the results are fabulous!
We also purchased your cookbook. We are enjoying the healthy diet and are learning to use all the recipes. We have more energy, better skin tone, and we are losing weight! Linda suffered from hiatal hernia for many years and now has no reflux problems at all! We know we are now enjoying so many health benefits! My wife Linda was at the point of losing her mobility, but thanks to Phil Brewer, she has had amazing improvement. She has lost most of the pain and her mobility is coming back.
We received so much valuable information. It is incredible and we thank you all for your help! We enjoy knowing we will benefit from Alive Health Resort & Spa's advice for a lifetime with better health!
We enjoyed the Resort and our newfound friends!"

Grant and Linda Wise
Summerland, British Columbia

"It was a wonderful experience. I learned more about health and wellness in 12 days than I have in my whole life. Within seven days of being at the Resort, I had explored my own stress, and found a sense of self I had somehow lost. I am grateful to everyone at the Alive Health Resort for showing me the way to a healthier life.... "

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"Thank you very much for an awesome two-day getaway. I truly felt blessed by the experience. "

Connie Funk
Enderby, British Columbia

"My life was upside down, with issues of aging parents, so I went to the Alive Health Resort. Eileen and Phil provided an intensive health program of natural food and walks in the mountains every day. I am keeping with the plan I was given. It does work. I just came back from London and Paris – places I never thought I would travel to again because of poor health. Thanks for everything!"

Robert Melynchuk
Blaine, Washington

"We had such a GREAT time! The experience was beyond our expectation! The staff was un-be-lie-va-ble! Loved the hikes... and both Nadeen and I are motivating one another to go every day. We've changed our diet, and it feels good! The bonding with all the guests was amazing - we went to a BBQ at one of the guest’s house after our stay. We all shared our addresses and phone numbers. We had a fabulous time! We'll definitely be back in a couple of years."

Rick & Nadeen Aney

“Thank you so much for a perfectly delightful weekend. I have one of the pictures I took from your front windows as the wallpaper on my computer screen to remind me of the peace I experienced. Your staff and facility are lovely."

Debrah Rafel
Vancouver, B.C.

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