Health Coach Director  

Phil Brewer
Phone: 1.888.763.4744    Fax 250.862.9101

When Phil was five years old, his parents started a vegetarian restaurant in London, Ontario. His family's lifestyle gave him an early introduction to practical health principles. In his teens, he assisted in a number of health seminars including numerous smoking cessation programs. It was then that he first conceived the idea of a live-in lifestyle education centre. Phil traveled to Alabama to work with Uchee Pines under Dr. Agatha Thrash in an effort to learn the principles of lifestyle reconditioning.

Then, in 1984, Phil and his wife started the Silver Hills live-in lifestyle reconditioning centre. Phil developed the structure of the program and the lecture materials presented to the guests, as well as weekend seminars and cooking schools for public-health awareness.

Teaching understandable classes and motivating people to make lifestyle changes are Phil's passion. There are thousands of people who have made healthier lifestyle choices as a result of his lectures or his personal instruction.



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