When To Pursue Professional Coaching

Checklist of Indicators

1) The issue(s) seems to persist and is not going away.
2) In spite of your best and repeated efforts to reduce the impact of the "issue" on your life you are beginning to feel hopeless.
3) The complete picture is hard to grasp because you are too close to the issue.
4) You have come to realize that you need an objective someone to help you sort out what the issues really are.
5) The discomfort of failing to change or underachieving does not go away.
6) You and your family are experiencing unprecedented stress or crisis.
7) You are in neutral when you should be transitioning and making change happen.
8) While facing one issue, you discover that it has uncovered unresolved past issues.
9) You feel unhappy the majority of the time and wish the feeling would go away.
10) Your overall general health is just not what you would like it to be.
11) You just don't have the necessary insight and knowledge.
12) While sharing with friends has helped, you need someone with experience.
13) Your "issue" is radically impacting your daily life, relationships, and interests.
14) You would like to change but are not sure if you have the motivation to do so.
15) You feel empty, alone, and unable to come up with a workable change strategy.

* If any of the above describes your current situation, you should seek the counsel of a professional coach.


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