Alive Resort Directors & Facilitators

From initial consultations through to our comprehensive monitoring and follow-up coaching programs, the professionals at Alive Health Resort are with you every step of the way. Our Program Directors/Facilitators collectively bring over 180 years of experience as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, homeopaths, fitness trainers, nutritionists and stress-management coaches to help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff is an accomplished researcher and physician in the sciences of naturopathic medicine and holistic healing. He leads a team of support staff at his Kelowna-based clinic, where his expertise in progressive and interventional natural medicine has earned him national respect from the medical community and patients. In addition to his hands-on practice, he serves as Medical Director and a facilitator of the Alive Health Resort, where he leads the product-development team in creating course curriculum in the areas of lifestyle, wellness and health promotion. Garrett was the lead medical advisor in developing North America’s first online interactive HQ (Health Quotient) assessment, which reflects his work on disease prevention and longevity. To take the HQ assessment and view Garrett’s published work, see our health tools section.

Garrett graduated from Bastyr University in 1988, and is a strong believer in science-based holistic health care. He has incorporated both traditional and progressive naturopathic philosophies into his practice. His interest in safe and effective alternatives for the acute, chronic and severely ill has led him to specialize in what he calls interventional natural medicine.

Garrett has earned numerous board certifications and has been active in both the B.C. and Canadian naturopathic associations. He has developed and taught courses for students and physicians for more than 10 years, writes for several newspapers and magazines, and sits on numerous editorial and advisory boards. Garrett currently serves as of the President of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association.
Dr. Andreas Buchinger is medical director of the world-renowned Buchinger Institute, a private 90-bed health hospital in Bad Pyrmont, near Hannover, Germany. With credentials in internal medicine, naturopathy, emergency medicine, nutrition and spa treatments, he is an internationally recognized expert in healing and anti-aging and was a contributor to the Clinician’s Complete Reference to Alternative and Complementary Medicine and to Original Buchinger Heilfasten. He is the third-generation leader of the Buchinger Institute, whose reputation for excellence in longevity and advanced healing therapies has attracted world leaders, executives and celebrities since 1920. Andreas' contribution to the Alive medical team enables it to stay attuned to advanced European healing and anti-aging practices.
Phil Brewer is co-founder and Resort Facilitator of the Alive Health Resort (formerly Silver Hills Health Retreat) and has garnered a reputation as a leading health coach and lifestyle therapist. Through hands-on coaching and lifestyle health training, reinforced by ongoing research and education, he has helped evoke in thousands of people the desire to develop healthier lifestyles. Phil’s humanitarian calling as a health practitioner, together with his relationship-building coaching style, empowers those he works with to shift paradigms and develop newfound strength to make permanent changes to improve their health.
Phil is also the director of Alive telephone-deployed health coaching program. (click here for more information)
Vic Lebouthillier, formerly CEO of Alive Publishing Group, North America’s leading-health publisher, is director of Web Health and publisher of the world's largest source of interactive online health information, Exan Web Health.

Exploring what moves people to take greater responsibility for personal self care is Vic's passion, inspired by a believe that an intrinsic desire exists within each person to be healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Vic's expertise in communicating and interacting with mass populations through his experience with the printed word and the online digital word/image has led him to the forefront of the Internet health education.. Just as children play with appealing toys when they are put in front of them, so too, he believes, adults will embrace health tools they can relate to and readily integrate into their daily lives.

Today, Vic leads a team of allopathic-naturopathic health care professionals and communications experts who spend their days crafting world-class health tools that are as easy to grasp and as fun to use as toys, yet make a meaningful difference in improving people's health. CLICK HERE to see Vic's full Curriculum Vitae.
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