About Activities

Alive Health Resort offers a comprehensive array of activities specifically designed to promote relaxation, wellness and longevity. Vitality, positive mental health, joy and a strong immune system capable of fighting or warding off disease are just some of the lasting rewards
that flow from the fountain of health.

AVEDA Spa & Body Treatments

When was the last time you let go of your responsibilities and devoted time just for yourself? The constant stress of moving in fast-forward mode, with no break, can wreak havoc with your energy and health.

For the ultimate rejuvenation, nurture your whole body from head to toe with a variety of therapies offered at our AVEDA spa. No matter which treatments you choose, the experience is designed to leave you with a sense of strength and renewal.

Our treatments feature a hot stone massage, a natural body mud wrap, a deep cleansing facial massage, beautiful energizing hand and foot treatments and our signature treatment, the wellness & longevity wrap. Your skin will feel like velvet, and you’ll re-enter the world feeling like new.

Strengthen. Renew. Relax. After any AVEDA experience, you'll feel balanced, centered and renewed. Our AVEDA spa is a tranquil retreat for the mind, body and spirit. A key to your healthy future.




Nutrition & Weight Loss

  • Body fat assessments
  • Personal meal planning for lifestyle and body types
  • Basic and advanced nutritional education
  • Emotional eating and food addiction coaching
  • Successful weight management strategies

Physical Activities

  • Cardio, flexibility and strength assessments
  • Determining physical activity options and benefits
  • Developing and implementing your personal fitness routine
  • Indoor and outdoor resort fitness activities

Support Initiatives for Implementation

  • How to implement the things you know you should do
  • Maintaining effective stress-management practices
  • Post-retreat telephone coaching
  • Web support tools

Anti-Aging & Longevity

  • Cause and prevention of disease
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Skin health assessments and rejuvenation therapy
  • Principles of organ care and longevity
  • Links between mental health and longevity

Stress Management

  • Stress assessment
  • Stress reduction coaching (group/one-on-one coaching)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) coaching
  • Exploring the relationship between stress and illness

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