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Alive Health Resort allows you to choose or customize a program specific to your personal or group requirements. Each program presents education and training in the areas of rest, exercise, nutrition, stress management, emotional health, abstinence, water and other integrated lifestyle considerations. All programs are designed by renowned health-care professionals and accomplished facilitators, and offer interactive learning in addition to world-class education.

Participants in all programs will learn about natural health and become motivated to care for their mind, body and spirit. Nature walking and hiking in fresh, clean mountain air complements the exercise program. European spa treatments are included to stimulate and pamper guests. The focus of all programs is self-care and skills development.


21/2, 5 or 12-Day Health Enhancement Program

Learn effective lifestyle principles pertaining to diet, the importance of physical activity and stress management. Education modules include: keys to successful nutrition, strategies for weight loss, longevity, skin care, stress management, emotional health and the importance of physical activity. In addition, relaxation, spa and physical activities are available during your scheduled free times. Your choice of a 2 1/2, 5 or 12-day program will depend on your individual health goals, concerns and needs. Consult with our health coaches to find out which best suits you.


Stress Management Program

Research tells us that 60–80% of sicknesses are mentally induced or caused by stress. This unique program offers insights into what stress is, how we create stress in our lives and what skills we can use to reduce stress. By shifting paradigms, you’ll gain the strength to begin immediate steps toward stress reduction. In addition, a six-week follow-up telephone coaching program helps you successfully integrate the lessons learned into your daily life.


Business Executive Health Program

This program is designed for executives seeking to improve their health and workplace performance. A multitude of studies shows that what distinguishes high-performance executives from the rest of their peers is emotional intelligence and the ability to care for one’s health and well-being. Educational modules include: EQ (Emotional Quotient) assessments, stress-management assessments and reduction initiatives, achieving balance without sacrificing performance and the link between health and executive capability.


Lifestyle Training for People Coping with an Illness

Offered on the approval and in conjunction with your doctor,
this program teaches you lifestyle skills to reduce the impact of your illness and to improve your quality of life. Education modules include: pain-reduction management principles, how increased emotional health can reduce the impact of illness, optimal diet regimens and skills development on implementation initiatives.


Weight Loss Program

The weight loss program utilizes advanced interactive education on emotional eating, food addictions, understanding blood/body
type and principles of metabolic acceleration. You will be assigned a personal health coach for both private and group sessions. In addition, relaxation, spa and outdoor activities are available during scheduled free times throughout your stay.


Lifestyle Live-In Program

Please ask one of our Health Coaches for more information about our "live in program" - available for those guest who wish to stay at the Resort for a extended period of time.

Note: All five programs can be attended in 21/2, 5 or 12- day durations and include all activities listed on the about activities page.
Summary of Alive Health Resort's 2.5, 5, 12 day and Extended Programs

Each of Alive programs has been carefully crafted to work together in symphony to provide our guest with the opportunity to discover and experience the innovative principles of anti aging, disease prevention/reversal.

An Alive Health Resort experience involves 5 major activities:

  1. Health oriented cuisine is crafted by health chefs to make your health eating experience at Alive exciting and delicious . Taking it one step further we provide an interactive cooking class and daily hands on experience by working next to our chefs in our open theater
    kitchens ( see www.aliveresort.com for our world renowned recipes )
  2. Medi Spa. Most spa experiences for people have become expensive and passé. Alive’s Aveda Medi Spa offers a full range of detoxifications, hydro therapy and deprivation tank along with the traditional feel good- look good skin and body treatments. (Click here to read about our spa treatments)
  3. Alive’s Eco Adventure moves you into the spectacular Monashee Mountain outback. River rafting, hiking, destinations waterfall hikes, lunch on a mountain top overlooking the panoramic Shuswap, mountain biking cross country skiing, snow shoeing all make our eco adventure experience physically rejuvenating for the body and cleansing for the soul. (Click here for our photo gallery)
  4. Interactive workshops conducted by accomplished health experts to that will reveal your body’s amazing response mechanism to self care initiative.
    Physiology workshops: Learn about the amazing human body and that no matter how healthy or unhealthy you are the body has tremendous capabilities to increase health levels. Workshop topics include how your body functions, ultimate nutrition, importance of rest, sunlight and water and why physical activity in the foundation.
    Stress/Emotional Health Workshops: The advancements in the field of emotional health and its link to stress is revolutionizing the way North Americans understand and deal with stress. 6 total hrs of group workshops and individual one on one coaching sessions will provide opportunities to learn how to reduce stress and experience the emotion of joy in the mist of difficult circumstances . Workshops topics include:
    - Why Stress is nothing more than a bunch of unprocessed emotions
    - How to process emotions
    - How emotional health in linked to relationships and how to enhance them
    - Why the professional community is ranking emotions intelligence the number
    - one personal development initiatives to increase the live quality
  5. One on One Health Coaching: In our traditional health care system the opportunity to discuss personal health issue with a professional is often not possible At the request of guests, up to three personal and confidential health coaching sessions will be provided.

To learn more about an Alive Health RESORT experience call us at 1.888.763.4744 or click here to contact us via email.

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