What to Expect

The successful attainment of optimal personal health lies in being able to execute that which you know you should do. How does someone stop excessive eating? How does someone else, after major heart surgery, reduce their cholesterol? How does yet another individual learn and understand that the benefits of exercise help create a healthy life? These individuals know intellectually what to do, how to do it, and have even experienced some of the benefits of this knowledge, but ultimately, they may not know how to make it operational. The essence of an experience at Alive Health Resort is the opportunity to become empowered to execute the lifestyle initiatives required to improve your life. In an intellectual, knowledge-based society, the "quick fix" has become the answer to all of life’s challenges. Feeling immobilized by ignorance — simply not knowing the correct and effective tools — need not be a stumbling block any longer.

A guest’s decision to attend the Alive Health Resort is a decision to effect powerful change in their state of health. By investing in a
world-class program with Alive Health Resort, guests can expect an all-inclusive experience, with 5-star pampering in a European-modelled spa in the natural splendour of B.C.’s Monashee Mountains. Programs are facilitated by renowned health professionals, with the goal always being the motivation and education of guests to become skilled stewards of their own health. The emphasis in each program is on the personal empowerment of guests to create a shift from external dependence to personal awareness and responsibility for their health.


  • effective lifestyle principles
  • assessments and initiatives
  • skills development for change
  • successful implementation of strategies
  • the importance of balance and temperance
  • accomplished professional facilitators
  • naturopathic, medical and psychological doctors
  • health coaches
  • gourmet, health-conscious meals
  • nature walking/hiking
  • breathtaking scenery in the wilderness
  • post-program support with telephone health coaching

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